w- up

a- left

s- down

d- right

k- swing left*

l- swing right*

i- spawn bullets

o- respawn

*there is no animation for the swings but each swing is an arc on it's respective side

(I'm really sorry if the controls suck. they are just for testing)

This is a game I am working on with my friends. I do all the programming and one of my friends does the art (i did the art in this except for the ship) and the other makes music and we all come up with ideas. This prototype is a shoot 'em up inspired by Ikaruga and Radiant Silvergun except instead of shooting at your enemies you deflect their bullets back at them. Currently the game is in HTML5 but I am in the middle of converting it to C++ (because i like c++ better) but it is taking a little while because of high school. I am working as hard as I can though! I really hope you like it! Please let me know what you think!

Published Dec 21, 2015
TagsBullet Hell, Experimental
Average sessionA few minutes

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